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#TorontoStopover with Air Canada

Location: Toronto, Canada

Air Canada recently rolled out their #TorontoStopover program, available to all U.S. travelers flying to Europe or Asia to experience Toronto for up to seven days without incurring additional airline fees. When Air Canada and Toronto Tourism approached Kirsten and I to experience this for ourselves, we jumped at the opportunity.

This was a perfect opportunity for me personally because part of our task was to create a video documenting our trip, and I have been meaning to get into video more and more these days. Combining video and editing with my love of energetic and upbeat music just seems like a natural fit. I’d love for someone to watch my video and feel the excitement and energy as I did while experiencing the trip. So, off we were…

We departed from NYC’s LaGuardia airport and landed at Toronto Pearson airport with just over 48 hours on the ground. It didn’t hurt one bit that our brief home away from home was the Ritz-Carlton Hotel on Wellington Street in downtown Toronto; you can never go wrong with staying at a Ritz-Carlton especially when our room had a front-row seat to the CN Tower.

I honestly couldn’t remember the last time I was in Toronto; I’m sure I visited for a brief time one weekend when I was attending University – those days are a distant memory by now.  I honestly wanted a little bit more time to explore Toronto, I felt that we had left after the 48 hours without seeing everything on my list, but we certainly accomplished a lot! You can read about her blog post of our trip here.

Here’s a brief list of some things we did during our stopover:

I hope if you’re a U.S. traveler flying to Europe or Asia that you take advantage of the #TorontoStopover program; it’s a great way to experience the incredible city.  And of course, here’s the video I put together; it’ll definitely be the first of many. I hope you’ll comment down below and let me know what you think.

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Please note our trip was sponsored through Air Canada and Toronto Tourism and we were paid to create content. Of course, my opinions and words expressed here are my own.