The Chainsmokers Memories Do Not Open

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The Chainsmokers Memories Do Not Open

Location: Queens, NY

Several months ago, The Chainsmokers announced their Memories Do Not Open tour so I pre-ordered two VIP tickets for their show in Queens NY on June 9th. To say that i’m a huge fan of their music would be an understatement, and watching incredible videos of their performances and behind-the-scenes footage filmed by talented videographers like Rory Kramer, I desperately wanted to see them live.

After months of waiting in anticipation, the day had finally arrived. By splurging for VIP tickets, it provided Kirsten and I early entry to the venue, a meet & greet with Drew and Alex and soundcheck access. By getting access before the rest of the public, we were able to reserve a spot only feet away from the stage.

Needless to say, it provided an incredible vantage point; we were so close to the stage that we felt the heat of the pyrotechnics warm our faces and the energy of the massive crowd surrounding us was palpable. While the VIP tickets were fairly expensive, the benefits were worth the extra cost.

Unfortunately since ‘pro cameras’ are not allowed into the venue, I was able to borrow Kirsten’s Sony RX1 RII for the evening which was gifted to her by Focus Camera. Thankfully by being incredibly compact, the security guards didn’t seem to mind or question what kind of camera it was. The prime 35MM F2,0 lens and full-frame sensor was all the camera that I needed to capture these moments of their incredible performance.

Huge thank you to The Chainsmokers (and their special guest Emily Warren) for the most high energy and electric show I’ve ever seen, as these are memories that I’ll never forget.