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Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Rome

Location: Rome, Italy

I can’t think of any better present to receive than the gift of travel. It can be to go somewhere, anywhere in the world, and I’m incredibly happy. Thankfully Kirsten surprised me for my birthday in December with a trip to Rome during New Years Eve.

Having come from Italian lineage, I’ve been wanting to go to Rome for quite some time now. Unfortunately airline ticket prices were always too cost prohibitive; we’re both highly loyal to Delta but the flights would reach upwards of $1,000! Fortunately since it was off-peak season, she was able to cash in some airline miles for a quick five-day excursion.

We rented an Airbnb steps from the Pantheon by the Piazza della Rotonda which served as a central location. This allowed us to explore some points of interest without having to worry about getting around.

Of course no trip during New Year’s Eve would be complete without taking part in the midnight celebration. We were both extremely excited to witness how Italians rang in the new year and watch the fireworks at the Colosseo. Unfortunately, as we were setting up our cameras on a nice little vantage point, someone stole her bag which contained her passport, wallet and some odds & ends. That put quite the damper on our trip and somewhat ruined our time there.

Moral of the story for any traveler: be extremely careful with your belongings and don’t for one second drop your guard or you’ll find yourself feeling quite violated.

Stolen belongings and ruined evening aside, here’s a quick list of our trip with some recommendations:

Depending on your itinerary, staying in or near the heart of the city works best; somewhere in between the Vatican and Colosseum. We found a number of great options on Airbnb to give you more the ‘local’ experience as well.

I must embarrassingly admit, I literally ate my weight in pasta carbonara. My favorite oddly enough was near the Colosseo called the Hostaria da Nerone. Highly recommend enjoying with a bottle of Lambrusco.

For the best coffee in town, check out Sant’ Eustachio Il Caffè near the Pantheon. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Our favorite place for gelato was Gelateria del Teatro; they make some flavors with aromatic herbs that’s just incredible.

This is where i generally do the most planning during my trips. I’m not one to obsess over where to eat, but I gear my trips more about the sight seeing and maximizing photographic opportunities.

Here’s a quick list of what i recommend during your stay in Rome:

During the early morning (early dawn & sunrise), I HIGHLY recommend visiting the Roman ForumColosseo and Trevi Fountain. You’ll be rewarded without the massive crowds.

For great views of the city:

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